Luxury Yarn Dyed In America

Thank you for your visit. At LYDIA yarn we hand dye every batch with care and precision. We have a passion for yarn and believe that only the best is worth using. We hope that we can fill your next project's needs. Please look around the site and contact us with any questions.

~Angela, Owner LYDIA yarn LLC

To repeat or not to repeat, that is the question...


There are two types of hand dyed yarn.. repeatable and not. Sometimes dyers get a little crazy and dye up some yarn on a whim. These colors are either seasonal, for a special occasion or too unpredictable to guarantee repetition. The goal is to get the colors to reproduce however sometimes it is nice knowing that you have some of the ONLY dye lot of a color. Our advice to you is; If you fall in love with a non-repeatable color you better get enough for your project because once it's gone, it's gone. Keep in mind that the yarn content affects the color saturation, a loved color may not look the same on one yarn as it does on another, you may love it more!


LYDIA Dye Methods

Solids: These result in jewel tones or darker solid colors with limited (but still present) variegation

Tonal: The combination of two colors being mixed in the dye pot, these colors complement each other and are more subtle than hand painted yarns, but have more depth than solids.


Hand Painted: Resulting in a quick color change, these yarns have the most contrast in each skein.




Graffiti: The newest and most leading edge of dye methods. Graffiti yarns show up as splashes of color on a neutral or light background.



Gradient Packs: These packs are dyed in colors similar to some solids but are gradient in style. See Yarn bases for more information on Gradient Packs.


Fiber: LYDIA yarn is now getting into fiber dying and are currently working on colorways and base fibers, please stay tuned for additions.